YENIGULER UN which is one of the leading manufacturer in TURKEY placed on 10.000mē closed area manufacturing floor in modern facilities on the level of world standards.

High quality wheats chosen by CEM UN processed in fully computurized integrated modern production facility without touching furthermore, quality control processes realized by using most improved control devices of world by expert teams and exported to different countries in increasing amounts in 5Kg,10Kg,25Kg and 50 Kg. packages.

Our company as a first owner of TSE mark and TS EN ISO 9000 certificate in our region, producing on the level of world standards and targetting institutionalization.

Our products are inspected between incoming inspection to delivery process by quality control laboratuary which we are focused to assure our quality assurance.

Our Research and Development laboratuary facility and activities have a full equipment laboratuary to provide quality assurance production

Same time university professor in turkey whom are very populer and experienced about that provide a support additional information and experience to our facility.