1.  Production Control Laboratory

Our factory has a capacity of breaking 60.000 tone wheat in a year. Wheats chosen and sent to our factory by suppliers which are placed in different places in Turkey

First of all samples has been taken by sondas and humidity, hectoliter,gluten,gluten index, drop number analysis,cedimantation, delayed sedimanteation measurements made.

Control Laboratory

Wheat which meets “CEM UN” incoming control criteries classified according to intended use and properties in 20.000 tone capacity closed silo and warehouses and they are used according to place of use in different amounts in production warehouse.

2. Cleaning of Wheat:

Wheat come in to the seperator over scale. Seperator is inteded to seperate broken wheat then wheat goes to the stone seperator machine. Stone seperator seperates stones.

These unwanted materials has an bad effect on the quality of wheat, they are changing the colour and quality of the wheat. In order to achieve good flour quality good cleaning is necessary.

3. Preconditioning and Milling of Wheat

In order break wheat in to smaller parts, Wheats must be pre conditioned which is necessary for successful milling by this way its' humidity level and physical condition bring in desired level. Preconditioning process supply softness and flexibility to shell. Rested wheat mills by the help of valses which are made up of steel cyclinders.

4. Taking of flour from sieves:

Wheat which are broken in to smaller parts in valses transported in to different sieves by pneumatic system. This process continues till all semolina separates from flour.

5. Bagging and Packing:

products. During final control, farinograph, extensograph,ash quantity, sedimentation values defined besides process controls realized to achieve related values for Bread and thin dough production. After these measurements products delivered to customer under the CEM UN quality. We have 1.000 tone capacity flour silo and 2.000 tone packed product warehouse.