As a leading company making the “ CEM ” mark known as a “quality” and “assurance” To do so;

•  adapting customer satisfaction as a principle

•  Supplying food safety from row material to the end user.

•  Tracing the technological improvements

•  Supplying continual trainings for workers

•  Supplying continual improvement by respecting to human and nature

are our first mission.

YENIGULER Food Industry and Commerce Trade Inc . was established by Mehmet Ali AYDINGÜLER and his sons in 1992 to produce flour

Our company is realizing its business in 10.000 sqm closed area and it is the leaser of sector by its technology and working system.

In our company that has proved the quality of product by TSE Product Certificate , since 2000 the working system has been organized according to ISO 9000 Quality Management System Standard.



Our firm grinds 60,000 tons wheat and offers the first quality flour to taste of our customers with modern facility, laboratory of quality control and well-trained personnel.

As a working fastidiously on the investment of human and technology, our company evaluating the ISO 9001:2000 system as a first step of Total Quality Management System

TS EN ISO 9001:2000 is such a standard that first revision was issued on 1987 by ISO(International Standardisation Organisation) 2000 is the last revision of standard and still used all over the world. Basically TS EN ISO 9000 series standards covers all quality management applications from improvement of quality system of company, certification,responsibilities and authorities of workers, purchasing policy of company to training. TS EN ISO 9000 series of quality standards used to improve management, solve problems quickly, increase efficiency and income.